Eran Efrati of the traveling activist group, The Soldier and the Refusenik, February 24, 2014.

Israel’s “Candy Soldier” turned activist

   March 3, 2014, Denver, CO- Alejandra Tello  Alejandra Tello tells the story of Israeli activist, Eran Efrati (part of the traveling group The Soldier and The Refusenik) following the group’s week-long visit to Colorado. Eran was born and raised in Jerusalem. He was a young man in his early twenties who joined the military…

Artwork from the First Unitarian Church in Denver, CO

Why we cannot isolate the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (with an audio interview)

  Denver, CO, March 2, 2013 – John Davies-Schley (16 years old, Denver Center for International Studies)This is a reflection of John Davies-Schley following his interaction with former Israeli soldiers and his interview with Denver locals on the complexity of the Israeli/Palestinian issue. The dirty little secret about complexity is that it’s everywhere. Consider that…

Photo: Guillietta Brutto Caraterre.

Graffiti for Gaza

Denver artists turn up the volume on Middle Eastern hip-hop, uprisings (radio show segment)

A few local, Denver artists decided to come together recently to talk about the importance and beauty of contemporary Middle Eastern hip-hop. In this portion of KGNU’s Sunday show “Eclipse” (airs on Sundays at 7-9pm, see below) Dave Ashton (KGNU Denver’s program manager and hip-hop artist) and I discuss some popular MidEast hip hop stars…