Denver’s street paper seeking to go digital (VIDEO)

DENVER VOICE moves to DOM1 from Loviniseasy on Vimeo.

DIANA AQRA, Denver – Denver VOICE, the city’s street paper with an income-earning program, is joining forces with other local independent media outlets to increase awareness about homelessness in Denver.

Denver VOICE is expanding into a new office location at 700 Kalamath St., where it, with the help of other independent media outlets like  Denver Open Media, Open Media Foundation, and KGNU radio station will have access to a wide range of resources allowing it to reach a wider online audience about homeless awareness, according to Kristin Pazulski, Executive Director and Managing Editor of the VOICE.

The print publication currently aids homeless and impoverished communities in improving their condition through newspaper sales. The homeless can join the VOICE community by selling papers to people on the street, earning about $1.50 each, which in some cases, is enough to bring them out of homelessness, according to Pazulski.

VOICE reports on local news and chronicles the stories of the homeless living in Denver.  Printed monthly, the paper is staffed by only two people; Pazulski and Donovan Cordova, who is head of vendors, volunteers, and interns who also support the organization.

Pazulski and Cordova hope the expansion into the new media facility will allow stories of the homeless to reach larger audiences.

“To show those stories digitally for people all around the world, that would be a huge step for us,” Cordova said. For the vendors, “it would be a piece of their history that they could always hold on to.”

Denver VOICE has been operating for 10 years, and helped 479 people earn about $300,000 of income during 2011, according to its annual report. In 2011, vendors’ pay-per-issue doubled to $1.50 from $0.75 in 2010, the report showed.

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