POV: Tanks scare me. Even at parades.

Iraqi Checkpoint Station, May 2006


I recently saw army tanks driving down I-25 this weekend and it frightened me terribly. I thought to myself, “Wow. I never see those things.” They were enormous and frightening. How weird is it to see a tank drive through the Cherry Creek mall area?

And then I thought how terrible it must be to see tanks everyday of your life; a never-ending battle in your front yard, your backyard and sometimes your closet – everyday.

This is the way so many people are living their lives right now.

We can imagine Iraq – we just decided to send 1500 troops there – again. We have seen images from that country and don’t even consider it is there anymore, just some place we would like to conquer and get over with. So there’s that.

Then there’s Afghanistan – marred by war for now almost 15 years and no relief. When is the last time you met an Afghani? Yea, it’s pretty hard for them to get here. Check out John Oliver’s recent documentary on the difficulty of Afghani interpreters that still can’t make it over to the US despite their years of service to our country.

Then of course there is Sudan, where there has been fighting in the north, south, middle over oil and religion. Same old deal?

Same old deal. Unrest, corruption and violence.

So when I see tanks driving through Denver, first I am in shock. And secondly, I am frightened. Imagine if that was war on our soil?

Happy Veterans Day to those who serve, but let’s all try to make things better, huh?


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