Rana’s story – a mini-documentary about a Jordanian woman’s struggle to obtain nationality for her children.

This is the story of Rana, a Jordanian woman who traveled to the US to ensure her child had US citizenship. Some Americans would be upset knowing that people like her came to the US to obtain citizenship for their children, but as this story tells, Rana’s children would face many difficulties if they were born in Jordan.

Although Rana is Jordanian, she cannot pass on her citizenship to her children, according to Jordanian law. Only her husband can pass on citizenship rights, but he is Palestinian. As you know, this country is not fully recognized by the international community and the Palestinian community living in Jordan still faces many obstacles, such as limited access to education, healthcare and political rights.

In this documentary, she explains what she had to do to ensure that her children obtained proper citizenship and escaped the prison of perpetual refugee status, like millions of other Palestinians living around the world.

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