Stricter gun laws will cause more violence – pro-gun demonstrators rally outside Denver capitol

Over 100 demonstrators stood outside the Denver capitol building on Wednesday afternoon in strong disapproval of future gun-control legislation.


Several protesters explained that stricter gun laws are to blame for massive school shootings, like the one in Newtown Connecticut that killed 26, and the Aurora, Colorado shooting that killed 12.


Protesters explained that harsher gun laws have prevented law-abiding citizens to carry weapons and possibly stop a massive shooting before it begins. Two protesters explained a situation in Texas several weeks ago in which a woman helped shoot down a man killing citizens in a public mall.  Several protesters explained that taking away gun-ownership rights would not stop massive killings like the one in Newtown or Aurora.  As one protester’s sign read, “You can’t legislate crazy or evil.”


Earl Allen, a libertarian who ran for the House during the last election, explained that he was “thoroughly in favor of people being able to defend themselves against criminals and their governments.”


In response to the school shooting in Connecticut, he said, “there were a lot more children killed in countries like Cambodia, communist China and Stalin’s Russia where the people were not allowed to defend themselves with against a government out of control. And unfortunately we are getting into the same situation here in this country because of people who overreact emotionally to a situation that was caused by government initially. A “gun-free zone” is an invitation for a person to come in and kill as many people as they can… if people know how to defend themselves, there won’t be any more school shootings.”


In many instances, protesters demonstrated against their right to bear arms simply because it says so in the constitution. “If they take away that right, what else will they take away?” protesters explained.


As another protester put it, “I think we are at a point where the government fears the people… and those are the same people that put them in office.”


“The government is overstepping their bounds,” another protester said, explaining why a gun would be needed if there was a government meltdown, serious societal clashes, or even a natural catastrophe  “If something big might happen… be ready for everything… learn how to shoot a gun.”

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